Happy Birthday & Bad Self Portraits / by Laura Dux

At the beginning of 2018, a good friend of mine challenged me to do weekly self portrait challenge. This isn't my first time attempting this. Since I started shooting at the age of 14 (holy crap that's 10 years ago!), I've attempted multiple 365 photos or daily documentation challenges. I always make to March until the entire thing falls apart. But this year I've made it to May! Fingers crossed I keep going.

Today we're in week 22. Today I turn 24.

So here's to the bad self portraits, the good self portraits, and to being my most photographed model. I hope you enjoy this collection of self absorbed celebration.

IMG_2268-Week 1.jpg
IMG_2438-Week 2.jpg
IMG_3339-Week 3.jpg
IMG_3957-Week 4.jpg
IMG_3984-Week 5.jpg
IMG_4485-Week 8.jpg
IMG_4292-Week 7.jpg
IMG_4899-Week 9.jpg
IMG_5154-Week 11 (edit).jpg
IMG_4008-Week 6 (edit).jpg
IMG_5082-Week 10 (edit).jpg
IMG_5160-Week 12.jpg
Week 13_MZG2265.jpg
IMG_5213-Week 15 (edit).jpg
IMG_5968-Week 16 (edit).jpg
IMG_6186-Week 17 (edit).jpg
IMG_7466-Week 18 (edit).jpg
IMG_7593-Week 19 (edit).jpg
IMG_8205-Week 20 (edit).jpg
IMG_8227 Week 21 (edit).jpg

May 24 be as good to me as 23 was.