Self Portraits from 2018 — What I learned from taking weekly 'selfies' by Laura Dux

We’ve made it friends! For the first time ever I have finished a photo challenge. I ended the year with 52 photos and only two camera selfies. There are some photos I’m really proud of, some that don’t show me in great light, and some that I shot in the last hour at the end of a long week. Overall, I’m just so happy I kept it up as long as I did. I wrote a short clickbait list on what I learned taking a photo of myself for an entire year. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Week 1 IMG_2268.jpg
  1. Learn how to pose yourself

I identify myself as a portrait photographer, but posing myself in front of a camera I am not holding is incredibly hard for me. In a lot of these you’ll see I’m making myself laugh. Encouraging myself to smile and giggle at nothing helped me to become comfortable with standing in front of my camera in a posed but candid manner.

Week 22 IMG_8269.jpg
Week 19 IMG_7593 (edit).jpg
Week 37 5V8A6364.jpg
Week 20 IMG_8205 (edit).jpg
Week 41 5V8A9856.jpg

2. You are going to miss that day you looked great

And you’ll have to accept that. I went to an award ceremony in a phenomenal dress as the photographer for the evening. And guess what? I did not take a single photo of myself that night besides a quick camera selfie. This happened a lot during the year. I knew I was going out on Friday so I didn’t bother taking a photo from Monday-Thursday. Friday comes around and I want to focus on getting ready to go out rather than setting up a shot. In the end, I would get the ‘late Sunday night’ shot—which isn’t always bad. But I could have saved myself a lot of late night stress if I settled for average looking me on a Tuesday afternoon.

Week 33 5V8A5853.jpg
Week 26 5V8A9303.jpg
Week 6 IMG_4008 (edit).jpg
Week 48 5V8A1858.jpg
Week 44 5V8A0473.jpg
Week 29 5V8A3017-crop.jpg

3. Settle for the mirror shot

It’s the most basic selfie out there. It’s going to happen. Just let it.

Week 17 IMG_6186 (edit).jpg
Week 40 5V8A0295.jpg
Week 34 5V8A5859.jpg
Week 5 IMG_3984.jpg
Week 14 IMG_5181 (edit).jpg

4. Let someone hold your camera

Having either a tripod or a stack of books hold my camera up was a rule I broke early on. For the most part, I did try to avoid someone taking the shot for me this entire challenge. But sometimes, you just want the nicer shot that only another human can help you with. Rely on them as a tag-team portrait.

Week 3 IMG_3339.jpg
Week 11 IMG_5154 (edit).jpg
Week 9 IMG_4899.jpg

5. Go outside to take your shot

If you have the time during the week, push yourself to go on a walk for the picture. Make yourself uncomfortable with you and your camera in public. Let people stare at you and look indifferent. Make the portrait an excuse to look nice for no one else but yourself.

Week 42 5V8A9891.jpg
Week 2 IMG_2438.jpg
Week 25 5V8A9094.jpg
Week 23 IMG_8279crop.jpg
Week 7 IMG_4292.jpg
Week 24  5V8A8962.jpg
Week 32 5V8A5826.jpg
Week 49 5V8A1889.jpg

6. Your ‘studio’ apartment

I lucked out that I lived in three different places this year to give variety, but making my apartment a make shift studio helped me on days I didn’t want to go out for the shot. Turn the flash on, take the photo in different parts of your house, do close up portraits to make it look like you are totally wearing pants (when in reality, you aren’t)

Week 16 IMG_5968 (edit).jpg
Week 30 5V8A5562 touch up.jpg
Week 51 5V8A2074-crop.jpg
Week 21 IMG_8227 (edit).jpg
Week 47 5V8A0817.jpg
Week 27 5V8A9408.jpg
5V8A0032-Week 28 small file.jpg

7. No matter what, don’t miss a week

You feel over worked and gross? Take the shot. You feel really emotionally drained? Take the shot. You are drunk from a concert at it’s 11pm on a Sunday? Take the shot. Photo challenges are to build routine. I imagine healthy routines like going to gym and keeping a diet are similar to this. You do it no matter what. It’s your routine—and you can’t break any more New Year’s Resolutions!

Week 46 5V8A0741-crop.jpg
Week 36 5V8A6282.jpg
Week 4 IMG_3957.jpg
Week 18 IMG_7466 (edit).jpg
Week 45 Huji selfie.jpg
Week 39 Instastory-copy.jpg
Week 13_MZG2265.jpg
Week 12 IMG_5160.jpg

There was a lot of personal growth for me this year and I’m so happy I have something silly like this to document it. If any of you are considering doing a photo challenge for next year, feel free to ask me for any advice or join me for 2019. I don’t want to give this up just yet.

xoxo, Laura

Week 10 IMG_5082 (edit).jpg
Week 31 5V8A5644.jpg
Week 8 IMG_4485.jpg
Week 35 5V8A6238.jpg
Week 43 5V8A9960.jpg
Week 51-5V8A2096.jpg

Happy Birthday & Bad Self Portraits by Laura Dux

At the beginning of 2018, a good friend of mine challenged me to do weekly self portrait challenge. This isn't my first time attempting this. Since I started shooting at the age of 14 (holy crap that's 10 years ago!), I've attempted multiple 365 photos or daily documentation challenges. I always make to March until the entire thing falls apart. But this year I've made it to May! Fingers crossed I keep going.

Today we're in week 22. Today I turn 24.

So here's to the bad self portraits, the good self portraits, and to being my most photographed model. I hope you enjoy this collection of self absorbed celebration.

IMG_2268-Week 1.jpg
IMG_2438-Week 2.jpg
IMG_3339-Week 3.jpg
IMG_3957-Week 4.jpg
IMG_3984-Week 5.jpg
IMG_4485-Week 8.jpg
IMG_4292-Week 7.jpg
IMG_4899-Week 9.jpg
IMG_5154-Week 11 (edit).jpg
IMG_4008-Week 6 (edit).jpg
IMG_5082-Week 10 (edit).jpg
IMG_5160-Week 12.jpg
Week 13_MZG2265.jpg
IMG_5213-Week 15 (edit).jpg
IMG_5968-Week 16 (edit).jpg
IMG_6186-Week 17 (edit).jpg
IMG_7466-Week 18 (edit).jpg
IMG_7593-Week 19 (edit).jpg
IMG_8205-Week 20 (edit).jpg
IMG_8227 Week 21 (edit).jpg

May 24 be as good to me as 23 was.



Tasmania, Day Three by Laura Dux

Day three? Are you releasing your story halfway through the plot like the original Star Wars trilogy? Damn right I am. Besides, it seems like the best way considering this is my first blog post and I'm over halfway through my travels. 

"I'll start my blogging by making it all out of order. This is how I'll build a following like all those other cool travel blogs. Someone will give me free stuff for this. I'm a genius."

The teaser photo.

For day three of our trip, Susan and I had two goals on the itinerary: brunch and beach. Our Airbnb was in Hobart and all of the 'good beaches' that were recommend were over two and a half hours out. So after a well deserved vacation sleep in, we hopped into the rental car and went for a drive on the left side of the road. (Meaning Susan drove and I DJ/navigated. As most people know, I still don't have my license. Shame, shame, I know. I promise it's the only thing I care about on my 'New Years Resolutions List 2018')


Our Airbnb had this beautiful sunroom. I tried to take a cool traveler selfie, but I just look bored. What's new?


Shout out to this market place that gave us a ticket because we needed a pass to park there. Even though there was no signage about this.


When we were 45 minute away from our final destination beach, we found this beach that reminded me so much of Hawaii except the water was freezing. After all, it's the closest we've ever been stepping in the Antarctic Ocean.


Peed in a bush? Cool. It's time to go to our final destination. Bicheno beach.


I may have grown up with Hawaii beaches, but the beautiful untouched white soft sand and clear water of Tasmania was starting to win my heart over.


From here, we began to walk through four inches of the clearest water to a little island just off the shore. Cue the birds flying away from us.


Climbed over a few rocks and...


Is this even real?


Of course I had to strike a cooler traveler pose to replace my boring ones from the morning. I thank round sunglasses and a half a bottle of wine for giving me the confidence and belief I could pull it off.


I tried to do a timed photo with Susan and I both in it, but I didn't make it in time. So here is me trying to poop next to Susan.


The sun was starting to set. And with that two and a half hour drive ahead, it was time to go back.


Bye for now Tassie beach.


Highlight from the drive back was seeing wild wallabies hop away from from us. You can't really make it out, but it was a movie magic moment even though they didn't want anything to do with us and our cameras.


More travel post to come soon! 
Just give me the will to edit them.